How To Stop Delaying College Homework: Useful Advice For Students

Why students delay college homework?

For the first time in life, a student gets the taste of freedom and social life in college and these are enough to distract his mind. Secondly, there is a marked difference between the school homework and that of a college. A student, who is slow in coping with changes, may find it confusing. Thirdly, many students do part time work in college- thus get less time to do home-tasks.

Five useful recommendations for students to stop delaying homework

  • Strike a study-work balance
  • Managing your homework and part-time job may appear overwhelming first but taking it as a challenge will make you more resolute. Create a time-schedule that gives the first priority to your home-task and then other works. It’s said that it always pays off well- if you start working on your projects as soon as the classes get over.

  • Set a deadline
  • Once you start working in real life, then you will always need to honor deadlines at office. Why not start doing it when you are in college? Before beginning your work on the class projects, always keep a watch by your side. Set a goal that within a specific time-limit, you will finish it off. Otherwise if the time seems unlimited, then for obvious reasons you will face distractions –thus the solving home-task process will get delayed.

  • Stay tuned with what’s being taught in the class
  • When the professor delivers a lecture, you can write down the important points on your notebook. Later, just go through them so that the whole picture stands clear in front of you. Also the chapter which is being taught in the class right now- you need to go through it later on that very day. Staying focused in the class and revising the chapters mean you will never lag behind.

  • Form a study circle
  • If you find doing home-task pretty boring all alone, then form a study circle with your classmates. But do keep it mind that the number of members must not exceed 2-3. Otherwise, there shall be more noise than doing any actual work. Through forming a study circle, a healthy competition will grow among you as well as you can help each other out, when a question seems difficult.

  • Stay motivated
  • Staying motivated while studying is crucial for performing well on class projects. This motivation can come into many forms- you can reward yourself once you finish off a difficult set or you can talk to the student counselor for more boost up.

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