10 Unusual Homework Ideas You Should Consider

When children arrive home from school, the last thing that they want to do is homework. These unusual ideas will help to make study time a little more enjoyable at home. They can be modified to suit the student's age or added to for a more interesting experience.

  1. Be Practical: Instead of just teaching the numbers or adding, use real world experiences. These could be using fractions in a recipe to make a cake, counting out money or adding up the child's allowance.
  2. Change Up the Location: For unusual homework ideas, look outdoors. If it is sunny out, students can try to do their work under a tree or next to a playground. The fresh air is good for children and seeing the playground will motivate them to do the work.
  3. Create a Blog: Instead of struggling through boring writing assignments, students should consider making a blog. This will be fun for them and give them a chance to practice writing for a practical purpose.
  4. Find Better Rewards: Although sugary rewards and candy are great at motivating students, they are awful when it comes to cavities. Students should be given rewards like stickers or play time that motivate them without negative benefits.
  5. Teach Competition: The best person to compete against is yourself. Parents can help their child learn how to compete against their own scores. This is a great learning experience for later in life, and it helps to motivate the child immediately.
  6. Use Music: Instead of just memorizing the names of states, vocabulary words or facts, parents can use songs about the topic to make learning fun and a bit more unusual.
  7. Read for Fun: To develop a life-long love of learning, students should learn how to read for fun. They can take trips to the library to pick out some of their favorite novels.
  8. Go to the Museum: Family field trips are a great way to learn about history, and they really help to bring homework to life. Other unusual homework destination ideas include the planetarium, environmental learning at parks or vacations.
  9. Switch Up Roles: It is said that the best way to truly learn the subject is to teach it. By teaching a topic, the student has to know it well enough to concisely explain it to someone else. One of the best homework ideas is to have students become the teacher. In addition to being a lot of fun, it will help the student to really learn the topic.
  10. Take a Dance Break: No one can sit still for hours, and young children have an especially hard time staying still. Every hour, parents can do a homework dance break. During this time, they should turn on some upbeat music and let the student dance some of their energy away.

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