An Effective Method To Cope With First Grade Homework

Although many teachers wait until middle school to begin assigning homework, some schools start assigning homework in just first grade. During this time, students are learning how to read and follow directions on their own. First grade assignments help the student learn how to manage time, and it also helps them to develop a sense of responsibility for their work.

Pick a Location

To help a first grade student with their homework, parents should find a quiet spot for them to work. This may be a kitchen table, an office space or a desk. For younger children, the kitchen is a good location because it allows them to easily ask their parent for extra help. As the student gets older, they may want to start doing their assignments in a bedroom or a study. The main goal for this area is complete quiet. It should be free from any distractions, and the area should contain all of the pens, rulers and books that the student needs to do their work.

Create Set Times for Breaks

First grade students are not able to work for long periods of time without taking a break. Rather than expect the impossible, parents should write down the times when the student gets to stop doing their work and relax. The student should be given at least ten minutes every hour to relax, grab a bite to eat or just play around. After the break is over, the student should be expected to return to their homework until it is time for the next break.

Make a Routine

Children are creatures of habit, so creating a routine comes naturally to them. Each night, the parent should set aside a specific time for doing schoolwork. Although some parents like to do this right after school, other parents like to let their children play outside for a while before starting their work. Either option will work fine as long as the parent is consistent about when the child starts their homework.

Be Prepared to Provide Support

First grade students are not yet accustomed to doing homework on their own, so parents should be nearby to help them with answers or provide guidance about how to do certain problems. Parents should be wary about providing too much help, however. The student needs to learn how to do the work and stay focused on their own, so parents need to strike a careful balance between helping too much and not helping at all.

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