How To Find Motivation To Complete Your Homework

Let’s be honest: doing homework is probably not number one on your bucket list. There are a ton of other things to do that would hold your attention without you putting out much effort on the matter. Homework can be, well, work ! Where’s the fun in that?

It isn’t about fun

Homework is not about fun. It is about building a foundation for your future. How’s that work, you ask? It’s really simple. Think about your favorite dessert. It took a lot of separate ingredients to make that fabulous treat. Education is the same way. It takes a lot of separate ingredients, such as all the varied classes you’re required to take that you really don’t like. All of that knowledge combined is the foundation for you prosperous future.

Or, you can just practice saying, “You want fries with that?”

Motivation is the key

Learning is an active process that requires your participation. Just like eating: if you don’t chew up the food and swallow it, it does you no good. If you don’t study and internalize the education, it does you no good.

Tips for staying on your game

    So, to help you keep on track toward your successful future, here’s some easy tips on how to keep yourself motivated to get that assignments done:

  1. Break it into easy bites. If you’ve got a lot of homework to do, or a research paper to write, break it into smaller chunks. Complete one section before moving on to another. Most assignments will have specific due dates. Coordinate your small bites so that you’ve got the whole assignment done by the time it’s due.
  2. Just five more minutes. If you’ve got a subject you really hate, set you alarm clock or the clock app on your phone for 5 minutes. Study for a full 5 minutes. Then, just like hitting your snooze button in the morning, hit the snooze for another 5 minutes. When you get that done, take a 5 minute break. If you still have work to do in your hated subject, set your timer again for 5 minutes and repeat the process until the assignment is finished.
  3. Reward yourself for job well done. It doesn’t have to be something that costs money. Give yourself some time playing games or texting. Go outside and play. Do something you like now.
  4. Ask friends and family to help you stay on point. These are usually the guys that distract you from your homework. Let them know you want their help to get your homework done. With support of friends and family, getting in the habit of doing homework is as easy as eating dessert.

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