5 Undeniable Reasons Why Homework Is Bad For Students

This is a very controversial subject that has been hotly debated for the past few years. More and more parents are leaning towards getting away from homework for many different reasons. Here are five undeniable reasons why homework is bad for students.

  1. Schools actually score lower on standardized tests on students who average more homework – It seems like homework is given to students just because they are supposed to. It is almost like busy work given to the child for no special reason. If homework was more personalized and actually helped a student if he was struggling that would be different but normally every child gets the same homework whether he understands the subject or not.
  2. The amount of homework being given makes students hate school. Many students that use to love school begin to lose motivation and their love for learning because so much homework is being assigned.
  3. Affects quality time with family – Most parents these days both work outside the home full-time. Because of this, there is not much time for parents and students to connect in the evenings as it is. By the time parents get home from work and dinner is complete, they have to choose between allowing the child to spend what precious time is left on their homework or with them.
  4. Don’t have time to just be a kid – Physical exercise is vital to our children and it is being put on the back burner because there is so much homework that has to be done there is little time for kids just to be kids. Children should be allowed to play outside at least an hour a day and that is impossible if they have to spend a couple of hours a night on homework.
  5. Homework can cause unnecessary stress between parent and child – Homework should not be something that the parent and child have to argue about. There are far more important things that need to be dealt with between and child and a parent and stress from fighting over getting homework done can put both parent and child on edge so when real problems arise there is already tension between them which will hinder any progress on more important things.

Homework for students really needs to be personalized if there is going to be any benefit. Even with that, there is really a time crunch involved and with precious little time for kids to be kids, maybe it shouldn’t be spent on homework.

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