Fifteen Useful Homework Tips For Elementary School Students

In elementary school, students will start to receive the first homework assignments of their lives. Learning how to manage time and complete assignments are skills that students will need for the rest of their academic career. Students who need extra help can always use the following tips or visit this website to find assistance.

  1. Write It Down
  2. Keeping an agenda is one of the main ways that students can remember to do their assignment. If it is not written down, they will not remember that it needs to be done.

  3. Make It Fun
  4. Instead of just memorizing spelling words, students can make it into a game like hang man or create word searches.

  5. Study With a Friend
  6. To make studying more exciting, students can always try to do their work with a friend or a study group.

  7. Start Immediately
  8. The best time to do homework is while the student is still alert. Often, this means that the student should start their work as soon as they come home from school.

  9. Eat a Snack
  10. If the student is too hungry, they will not be able to focus. A quick snack before they begin or on a break will help them to focus again.

  11. Play Jeopardy
  12. When it is time to study for a test, playing games like jeopardy makes learning a bit more fun.

  13. Take Breaks
  14. No one can focus continuously for hours without taking a break. In reality, taking a break actually means that homework will be finished sooner because the student is better able to focus. Students should take at least a five minute break every hour.

  15. Dance, Dance, Dance!
  16. When break time arrives, students should get the blood flowing to their brains again by dancing, moving around or stretching.

  17. Start With the Hardest Assignment
  18. While the student is still alert and focused, they should begin working on the hardest homework assignment.

  19. Break It Up
  20. For large projects or essays, parents should break the assignment into pieces so that the student only has to do a little bit each day. This makes it less daunting and ensures that the student can complete it on time.

  21. Ask for Help
  22. If parents are unable to answer a question for their student, they can look online, ask a tutor or call the teacher for extra help.

  23. Build a Reward System
  24. For younger students, creating a reward system like stickers or extra play time can be a great motivator.

  25. Never Cram for Exams
  26. If students cram for exams, they are less likely to retain information than if they study a little bit every day.

  27. Review the Homework
  28. Once the homework assignment has been graded, students should review it so that they understand exactly what they got wrong.

  29. Hire a Tutor
  30. If the student becomes behind in class, hiring a tutor will ensure that the student is able to understand the concept and catch back up.

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