What If I Need Help With Math Homework Equations With Fractions?

For middle to high school students, one of the most nerve-wracking and intimidating subjects they will come across is fractions. This becomes increasingly true as the fractions get more complex and homework questions become more challenging. So, what do you do when you find yourself at home without a fraction-savvy friend or a teacher in sight? Check out these places to get help with your math homework.

#1: Your Textbook

There is a reason that your teacher sends you home with a thick, heavy book for some of your assignments. While it is a pain to carry, you will be surprised at how much your math book can really help you when it comes time to do your assignment for the night. You can find examples in the text. You may also be able to look in the back of the book and find solutions to select questions. Use this information to guide you to the right answer.

#2: Your Notes

Are you trying to complete your assignment without lugging home that heavy textbook? Take great notes. Not only will taking notes ease the load that you have to carry home with you, it will help you understand more of what your teacher is talking about. Your teacher may also provide more tips and examples than you will find in your book.

#3: Free Tutoring Services

Believe it or not, there are sites that offer free tutoring services to help with your math homework, including fractions. Check out your local library and your school website first to see what help is offered. If these do not turn up any results, then head over to a search engine and do a quick search. There are a number of places that offer online tutoring services for free.

#4: Fractions Calculator

If you are having trouble converting or reducing fractions, try a fractions calculator. You can find one of these online and it will do wonders when it comes to helping with your assignment. Be sure to brush up on how to do it manually for test time, though.

#5: Answering Services

A final option to look for homework help for fractions is answering services. Here, you will simply type the question in and wait for someone to respond. You have to be very careful when using this method, however, because not everyone who answers will be qualified to do so.

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