University Homework Policy: 5 Points To Consider

The different Universities may have a common aim of educating students but their policies on homework are not quite similar. While some let the students off the hook with lenient assignments; others just relish burdening the student with work.

The value of assignments

The students have to understand the value of homework as a stepping stone to preparation and inculcation of discipline to ensure they don’t deviate. However, you can always be vulnerable to incredible levels of stress if you are made to sweat out at nights.

Work and play

The assignment policy has to be streamlined and designed in such a way as to enlighten the students; embark the necessity of diligence and yet give them the leeway to enjoy their lives as kids as well. After all; this precious phase of life never comes back. The etching of policy should however make these considerations –

  1. The students’ welfare – This is a priority. Universities should gather takes of students from middle schools and high schools about how much homework they are okay with. It is necessary to identify and absorb the opinion of students because ultimately, it is they who will take the brunt.
  2. The parents’ take – Parents should be made a part of this discussion and enlightened on why students need their daily quota of home assignments. The parents have first-hand information of the stress that you face as a student because of homework. Their advice on the matter should be respected.
  3. The education pattern – There are education systems that elicit demanding work in classes and also those that let the students toil out at home. It is like striking a balance. This should also be a consideration while formulating an assignment policy.
  4. The school setting – Homework should also depend on the general strata that students in the school belong to. If the school largely teaches kids of poor families, work given for home should be easily manageable. This is because kids of this stratum generally do not get convivial atmosphere for studies. Of course, this is a general opinion; not a steadfast rule.
  5. Purposeful learning – Ideally, you should get assignments which are either meant to develop your personality and instincts or gives you clues towards preparation for exams. Any other type of assignments should be warded off from the patterns. Teachers who delight at the prospect of laboring students should be made to put a stop to this habit. Moreover, a half-yearly audit should be conducted to assess the status of homework in middle and high schools.

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